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As part of the Starteleweb acquisition of the EPS, the Hexnook has been moved to the StarTELEWEB franchise of holdings. The 2019 section has been added to the yearly summaries.

2019 Dec 06.
Ethel RE new quiz: "Is the feeling of being evaluated and graded missing from your everyday life? Does the EPS not include enough test-taking? We've changed all that. Take a deep dive through the Hexnook and answer these many questions, then mail in the quiz (be sure to include your mailing address). If you get a C or better on the test, you get a Reserved "??????" stamp."

2019 Jul 01.
starTELEWEB has acquired the ENS walkabout. It is still available in an abbreviated half-electronic / full-electronic form, depending on your particular situation. Start here to learn more about this.

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