2014 Apr 05. Timothy received a dynamic piece of art. Timothy was "confused and delighted by the machine of sadness" and "hopes the best for it."

2014 May 1.

Elsewhere Philatelic Society Mailing List #1.0.7

Hello this is Kaidan Tansu Jr. We have scheduled
the event that was due to be scheduled. It will
be an "open-ended" event in Oakland, no RSVP 
required, that will be open from June 7th until 
June [?]th where [?] is probably three or so days
later. I will announce times and location closer 
to the end of May. Jimmy, the president of the
Elsewhere Philatelic Society, also has an additional 

[Jimmy] heyyyyyyy ... so this thing is going to
be a thing ... and the first day, june 7th, theres
a silkscreening station available for you to get a 
silkscreen with a silkscreen ... its the overly
complex eps logo with the pigeon on it as seen in
the upper-left corner of the stampsfromelsewhere.com
website ... its about 13 1/2 inches wide by 14
inches high ... the ink will be a solid gold, so
bring dark/black fabric ... it looks good, you could
do like a black t-shirt ... wait until the third of
may if youre going to buy something, there might be
some corrections/additions sent out but i think i got
everything ... oh, its better if you come early in the
proceedings for this ...

[Kaidan] Thank you, Jimmy. Silkscreening will only
take place on the first day, Saturday June 7th.

Side Hatches.

The Wanderers Union is a long-distance wandering club.
There is a 4-hour wander scheduled for Saturday,
May 17th at noon. Please see https://wanderersunion.com
and https://www.facebook.com/wanderers.union for more 

If you have not yet become an EPS member, it is 
easy and free. Find out how at 

- k.

2014 Jun 05.

Elsewhere Philatelic Society Mailing List #1.1.1

Hello this is Kaidan Tansu Jr. There is an 
Elsewhere Philatelic Society event happening
in Oakland beginning this Saturday. It is 
at the Naming Gallery (naminggallery.com), 
which is located at 335 15th Street. The 
gallery will be showing the Elsewhere Philatelic
Society's various creations during these times:

Saturday June 7th - 11am to 11pm
Sunday June 8th - 11am to 4pm
Wednesday June 11th - 11am to 6pm

Closing reception: Wed June 11th
                   6:03pm-8:30pm at least,
                                 perhaps longer.

Please no earlybirds. 

As mentioned before, on Saturday there will be 
gold EPS logo silkscreening starting at noon and
on the hour. Bring a shirt or paper or something
else flat and big enough to accommodate the
circular seal (13 1/2" x 14"). Black works well.

Bring your shiny thing of great import. If you
do not know what that is, you probably do not 
have one. The nook will tell you more, once 
it is up (which should be rather soon).

Bring a quarter ($0.25). There is a quarter 
disposal receptacle on display at the gallery.

If you have a cellular telephone, make sure that it
is fully charged. If you have headphones, that 
would also be beneficial.

There is a new mailing list that members can join
by sending the text "subscribe" to 

  [see contact page]
This list is for members to be able to confer away
from prying eyes, amongst themselves. It will entirely
consist of EPS member conversation. When you join,
please introduce yourself to the list at large.

Speaking of prying eyes, there is information below
on how best to keep tabs on the Elsewhere Numismatic
Society. It is a thing all EPS members do.


elsewherenumismatic.com/apply [Apply; spy]
twitter.com/coinchalance [Eye on the sly]

2014 June 6, 7, 12. Three day gallery show.

2014 June 6. Berkeley Mail Carrier Trainee Course begins.

2014 June 12.

Elsewhere Philatelic Society Mailing List #1.1.2

Hello this is Kaidan Tansu Jr. The Naming Gallery
event was successful. There are photos of the event
available at the nook. For those of you who were
unable to make it to the event, the event also
featured a pointer to the starting point of the
continuation of the EPS member mail carrier training
odyssey. This selection is available to anyone, but
it suggested that non-members should start by
becoming EPS members first to get a feel for the
ebbs and flows of these sorts of non-standard
situations. If this is the case, please visit the
website stampsfromelsewhere.com for more information.

To find the starting point to continue mail carrier
training, please visit The Escapist at 3090 Claremont
Avenue in Berkeley and look for the EPS offering. It
is yellow, in a clear plastic bag. It is [correction]
two dollars.

2014 June 30.

Elsewhere Philatelic Society Mailing List #1.1.3

Hello this is Kaidan Tansu Jr. You may be familiar
with our recent spate of network squirrel attacks
which pulled various EPS nodules out of the electric
stream for awhile. Unfortunately some bits of 
the EPS database are now corrupt; if you have a
passport, please email the passport number which
is located on the inside front cover. Thank you.

The Berkeley mail carrier training sessions 
continue (bring $2.00 to the Escapist at 3090 
Claremont in Berkeley; look for long yellow 
pamphlet in plastic bag). If you have already
completed the training session please avoid
posting photos/describing locations or documents
etc so (A) we can have an equal baseline for all
potential mail carrier trainees and (B) to keep
nosy agents of other, nefarious societies from
sabotaging critical infrastructure. The latter is
a very real concern at this juncture. Thank you.

2014 July. The Claremont Hotel is a large hotel complex in Berkeley. It is perched.

2014 July 22. We received a package which contained many items of interest.

A miniature application with miniature stamp.

A fabric with a junior bank robbery in progress.

A thing where something's going on. An exchange of ideas about food.

Most critically: SQUIRREL WITH A 40. I want this on a t-shirt.

A suitable return was fashioned.

2014 July 26. A troubling update from Hawaii, the "Aloha" State.

The squirrel had a 40, this pineapple should have a tropical drink. I also want those sunglasses. Tight.

Harrowing news. Thank you for the intel.

Beach Thing.

There is a low-key relaxing beach meet-up scheduled for 
Saturday August 16th 2014. The location is Bean Hollow 
State Beach: Pebble Beach. It is South of Half Moon Bay
and Pescadero along the Pacific Coast. There is no
swimming at this location. The time will be 11am - 
4pmish. If you are interested in going, please send
an email to mail@starteleweb.com with the
subject line: [Beach.]. There is no RSVP system in
place, we would just like a rough headcount. This is
a casual social event. 

*Please wear sturdy shoes with a gripping tread*. 

Suggested items to bring:

  - Blanket
  - Picnic lunch (optional: something to share)
  - Beverages
  - Beach Accoutrements (toys/frisbees)
  - Dogs (leash required)

Confusingly, there are two exits labelled Bean Hollow
State Beach. This is the Northern one, Pebble Beach, 
which is indicated on the sign just before the exit. 
The second one is about a mile South.

Here is the view coming up on the correct exit (for 
Pebble Beach).

Additionally, the speed limit on Highway 1 in that area
is 55mph. It helps to be prepared, the exit is sharp
and sudden.

Once you park your car, there is a trail to the left
(South), a walkable drop-off straight ahead (West)
that leads to a large flat concentration of slab rock
peppered with tafoni, and stairs leading down to Pebble
Beach to the right (North). This is where we will station.

If we are lucky the slab rock will also be peppered with
various water-bound creatures like crabs, starfish, sea
anemone, etc. It depends on the tides and other factors.

The San Gregorio General Store is an interesting mercantile 
that is 0.8 miles East of Highway 1 on CA-84 (La Honda Road).
The turn-off is approximately 6.3 miles North of Pebble
Beach. Prices will be a little bit higher there.

Should there be a change of plans, the new location will
be announced on a sign placed in the center of 
the circular turnaround in the parking lot.

Please use the member mailing list
to organize ride shares and/or convoys. 

2014 August 3. Mailman Ted sent in a postcard from Scotland that was so shiny it was nearly impossible to photograph. Things are shiny in Scotland.

2014 August 11. Mailman Miek made a new application which appears below.

2014 August 22. Jimmy recieved this real-life-pixel artwork from two younger adjunct members of the EPS.

2014 September 26. The Image Of No Vertical Cheese In The Mind Of The Viewer.

2014 September 30. A nice letter from a young philatelist.