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2019 January 0. The year starts out with a whimper. The weather did not cooperate with us this time so there was no repeat visit to the Ladybug Hotel like 2016. Which I was personally looking forward to because I wanted to meet one of these ladybugs with my mouth. Way to go, weather.

2019 March 27. The Erstwhile Pharmacy Shoppe continues to assist the community with their various pharmacological needs in a most superlative fashion this year through our two new wellness initiatives: Pills, and More Pills.

2019 April 22. StarTELEWEB grew big pants and started on a acquisition spree beginning with the ENS "Skycoin" "walkabout journeyquest" which was "electronified" and placed here in July.

2019 June 1. Bay Model. This stamp window was a surprise for participants. Instructed to purchase a ticket for a ferry to Sausalito, we boarded a boat, cruised across the Bay, and used a map to walk to an undisclosed location ... the Army Corps of Engineers' Bay Model! Here we received a tour of the facility and had a chance to explore the nooks and crannies of the map on our own.

2019 July 27. The Berkeley Kite Festival is a favorite event of the Erstwhile Philatelic Society, because there are kites. This year EPS members also made kites to earn a valuable back-of-passport kite stamp.

2019 August 10. There There There. The Erstwhile Philatelic Society's Executive Passport Services were open to meet the bureaucratic needs of all members. Members had the opportunity to have all facets of their passports assessed at several different stations, learn valuable archival skills, and fill out a wide variety of forms. Special thanks to EPSEPS attendants Cassie Hassock, Ultramundane, Frequency, and Gulfie for their support with this event.

2019 July 9. The caretakers of the EPS were asked by the Adventure Design Group to share their story, and for one night only took to the stage at the Magic Patio to speak about the organization's past, present, and future. Here, all was revealed: What Jimmy? When Timothy? Where Burl? And how?

Jimmy is in the middle, surrounded by the EPS caretakers.

2019 October 6. Tiny 2.0. A reprise of a long-ago (and very small) stamp window located in the beautiful wilderness of Tilden Regional Park. Participants met at the designated location, were drastically reduced in size with the assistance of The Littlest Philatelist (TLP) and Dr Professor, and rode a tiny train. Later, there was a visit to a tiny post office in the woods, an opportunity to write tiny letters, a normal-sized carousel, and there was even a train cake! A truly exceptional event.

2019 October 19. On August 20th, the EPS Berkeley walkabout was acquired by Starteleweb. "The StarTELEWEB development emporium company construct of associated product/service/lifestyle providers is pleased to announce the formal acquisition of the Erstwhile Philatelic Society Berkeley Mail Carrier Training Session Walkabout situation, an industry-leading experiential participatory relational aesthetic." In October, the EPS hosted the last day of the walkabout before it would become an entirely-electronic entity ("coming soon").

At some point during your travels, you are tasked with documenting your experience via postcard. Here are some postcards we received over the past five years.

2019 November 2. Beach Cleanup. Officials at the EPS have observed that not all refuse is made of stamp selvedge and bits of adorably colorful string. Some of this refuge is called "litter" and much of it emerges on beaches, where it can enter the ocean and choke sea birds, cold-blooded swimming animals and warm-blooded swimming animals alike. Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean on top of the estimated 150 million metric tons that currently circulate our marine environments (statistic from the Ocean Conservancy). Part of our new Chore™ Series, this task will earn you a Reserved stamp for the back of your current or future passport. Do a good deed, get a biodegradable triangle of art paper. EPS members participated in a low-key, live-action trash-picking event at Ocean Beach.

Members were asked to present their favorite item from their collection at the end of the event.

2019 November 9. The Erstwhile Philatelic Society Mail Carrier Training Sessions Phase 2: Mail Carrier Vehicle Certification Level 1 Situation A: License Examination sessions started today.

Certification Official and Today's Rotating Put-Upon Track Crew: Mr. Instructor, Cee Gee Whee, Mike Bountain.

The testing facility/proving grounds is also a playground. We share our toys.

2019 December 06. Ethel RE new quiz: "Is the feeling of being evaluated and graded missing from your everyday life? Does the EPS not include enough test-taking? We've changed all that. Take a deep dive through the Hexnook and answer these many questions, then mail in the quiz (be sure to include your mailing address). If you get a C or better on the test, you get a Reserved "??????" stamp."

ladybugspharmacyskycoinbay modelkitestheretalktiny 2.0berkeley (cards) • beach cleanuptruckquiz