2013 January 26.

Elsewhere Philatelic Society Mailing List #0.5

[jimmy] okay, everyone who is a member should have received a user/password 
to our little nook thing ... if you didn't get one send email ... the hexnook 
has a semi-complete timeline of the eps w/plenty of photos, indicates what you 
can do to increase your passport-related philatelicism, is an archive of 
previous mailing list messages, and so on and so forth. 

there's a thing saturday february 23rd in san francisco ... maybe it will start 
around 5:00pm, it depends ... and the end time, that's also an unknown variable 
...  maybe 6:30pm ... maybe 7:30pm ... hard to say. send an rsvp to the mail 
address at the website w/subject line [rsvp] if you are (A) a member 
(B) interested. if you are not a member, membership is free and you can find out 
more about it at the website stampsfromelsewhere.com. one rsvp per person, 
more/more solid info later for those that rsvp as we shore up unknowns ...


Hello this is Kaidan Tansu Jr. 

Hello this is Kaidan Tansu Jr. Because exploration of the Hexnode Network is a 
somewhat involved situation, it is now only available to people who have 
completed their Elsewhere Philatelic Society application process. If you are a 
member and wish to do this, please send a mail with the subject line "[hexnodes]" 
to [address].

The Universal Platinum Processing deadline has been extended to February 23rd. 

I also found another photo from the Underground Library which you can see in the Hexnook.

2013 January 28.

This is so important that it was put into Sidehatches.

2013 February 23. Mail Carrier Training Session.

2013 March 9. Member Número 53 forwarded a message from a compatriot. We are all vulnerable. Can you help? theresistanceis.us

2013 April 1. EPS Mail Carrier Drake Francisco & EPS Mobile Lectern Phil Stafford augmented the 35th Annual St. Stupid's Day Parade with their presence. Stamps were acquisitioned by EPS members; pennies were thrown at the banker's heart; socks were exchanged.

Some photos by Steve Rhodes [1 2] & Screaming Monkey via CC license

2013 Apr 16. Incoming mail.

2013 July 8. Incoming mail.

2013 July 10. Incoming mail.

2013 July 18. Incoming mail.

2013 September 09. Chantey II.

2013 October 31. The Elsewhere Philatelic Society was mentioned in the book Tales Of The San Francisco Cacophony Society. Is it a good book? Yes. It is an essential book.

2013 November 16. Night Market II.