2011 January 20. A Curious Package Arrives.

2011 February 2. Carrier Pigeon #99 work.

2011 March 7. Carrier Pigeon #99 published.

2011 March 30. The Mysterious Appearance of Emperor Norton.

2011 April 8. Encircling.

2011 April 24. Mrs. Vera.

2011 May 14/15. Zymoglyphic.

2011 June 26. Due to decreased ENS activity, Code Lavender was activated. Jimmy used this opportunity to go on vacation.

Timothy had been used to Jimmy transcribing his various announcements; in his absence, Timothy tried using StarTELEWEB.

2011 July 8. With Jimmy gone and the StarTELEWEB service being decidedly non-optimal, no one was available to type Timothy's letters ... so he asked EPS members if they could help out.

Timothy also unfortunately tapped StarTELEWEB to help get EPS messages out to members.

After a good long fight the EPS was able to wrest control away from their "help" with the EPS Twitter account.

2011 July 30. Privately, Timothy and other cabinet members of the EPS expressed concern over Jimmy, who hadn't checked in from the road in awhile. After the StarTELEWEB debacle Timothy decided to re-instate the Hexnode Network, an antiquated system once used by the EPS to move and thrive underground. A meeting was called to familiarize members with the network and to officiate Mailman Miek's promotion. Also there was caik.

2011 October 1st. It became clear that Jimmy had gone missing while on vacation. Code Dubbel Fuchsia was declared.

Timothy then devised a convoluted way to have EPS members scout out Jimmy's stomping grounds and history in the hopes of finding him.