2012 January 15. The Peculiar Scholarship of Dr. Bedcannon at SFMOMA opens.

2012 February 2. A cornucopia of philately and assorted matters from Adanaland!

2012 April 28. Obscura Day: Strange Artifacts and Hidden Wonders on the Hill.

2012 April 28. Doory after the Obscura Day event.

2012 May 6 - June 3. Goteblüd ETOAS display.

2012 June 11. Hello this is Kaidan Tansu Jr. Welcome to the Hexnook. It is a bit sparse and shabby, but it is a start. We needed a place away from the public website. A small subset of EPS members has been gathering intelligence on ENS activities for awhile now and others should know more about this without making the ongoing document/photo cache public. I also could not just throw open the gates so anyone could waltz in. I think hexnodes/hexmail, and actually looking for Jimmy, serves as enough of a deterrent for potential ENS interlopers. I also naturally ask that you keep this under your hat because of the same factor.

As you may also be aware, the Elsewhere Talismanic Object Appreciation Society (ETOAS) has been newly reconstituted. See the ETOAS page for information.

Additionally, we are now accepting stamp designs. Details at the stamp design page.

Here is an audio track concerning the continuing absence of our president.

Studies in Location: Jimmy [mp3]

I will be putting up more items from the archive etc., as time and/or discovery allows. If you have anything you would like to share/correct/ask/etc, send it along to [address] and thank you for that. I found this undated photo from the bowling alley in the Underground Library ...

2012 July 10. In the mail ... a book of dreams.

2012 July 22. Also, a package of pleasing "hexagon" shapes.

2012 August 16. The Peculiar Scholarship of Dr. Bedcannon at SFMOMA closes.

2012 November 10. Lost Horizon Night Market Mail Carrier Application Mobile Situation Vehicle Placement begins/ends.

2012 November 16.

Elsewhere Philatelic Society Mailing List #0.3 (skipped #0.2)

I hope you were able to make it out to the Lost Horizon Night Market the other day. 
Doory got her door wings, and we were able to process many EPS mail carrier applications 
before the local constabulary shut the whole thing down. Clearly we have underestimated 
the ability of the Elsewhere Numismatic Society to hinder our operational objectives.

Those of you that have passports/passport pages and acquired the Night Market stamp pair - 
the small one goes in the "Night" slot of the passport "Reserved" page. 

If you still have your mail carrier application that you filled out during the Lost
Horizon Night Market, that should be turned into the EPS at the P.O. Box as listed on the
website homepage.

For those of you with passport pages who attended the Lost Horizon Night Market, you only
need to do ONE of the following to acquire a passport:

   - Attend another EPS event

   - Submit a stamp design to the EPS:
     [Send your passport pages with your completed design]
   - Submit a Talismanic Object to the beloved,
     somewhat-newly-reconstituted ETOAS archive:
	 [Send your passport pages under separate cover for safety from ETOAS-loving 
	 mundane time-portals]

If you do not have a passport, you can apply for one here:

A reminder that all EPS members should register their own special chop/inkan/logo/badge/stamp 
if they have not done so. Register early enough and you may qualify for the second round of
Universal Platinum Processing [Note: this is no longer available]. Here is an updated "FAQ":

Q: What is Universal Platinum Processing?
A: It is better.

Q: What should my chop look like?
A: Black line art. Clean white paper. Bold, thick, clean black lines. Please submit a
photocopy of your artwork; do not send originals. The photocopy should not be larger than a
square two inches on a side. Also please no:
  -- pencil work 
  -- cardboard background
  -- folded sheet(s)
  -- other colors than black

Q: What is the deadline?
A: No one is really sure. We could pretend it is the 17th of January 2013. Could be later. 
Could be earlier. 

Q: So if I turn my chop in January 16th, would that be good? 
A: Hrm.

Q: What if I cranked on my chop and sent it out right away?
A: Now that's the polish.

Q: Quick! Where do I send it!!!!
A: You can mail a physical copy to the mail box as shown on the website
[Note: this is no longer available], or send an
electronic version (PNG/GIF/JPG/EPS/SVG/PDF/TLA) to chopchop at [the stampsfromelsewhere] 
website. Please include your name and address with anything you submit. For PDF files, 
editing capabilities should be turned "on." For EPS files, fonts should be outlined. Please
include your name and address with anything you submit. Thank you.

Also, a quick reminder that the Elsewhere Philatelic Society website has been redesigned.

2012 December 04.

Elsewhere Philatelic Society Mailing List #0.4

[jimmy] heyyyyyy everyone ... it's me ... yeah. maybe you heard. long
story short, i got some intel on the ens, and had a bit of thinking time
as well. things are going to change up a little bit around here. first,
special thanks to everyone who took the time to help timothy gain some 
sort of peace of mind re my disappearance ... kaidan was functioning as 
my substitute while i was gone, and he's handling everything okay, so 
we're going to kind of split duties around here ...  he can handle the 
straight-laced public jazz, i did that for awhile but while i was 
snooping around ens-land (straight-lace central) i decided it wasn't for 
me ... so kaidan is keeping the reins on that bit ... i went right to 
timothy when i got back and he was both overjoyed and filled with the 
shaking-finger stern parent thing ... it's cool, i should have checked in 
with him sooner. i missed that guy. 

also, though i appreciate the sentiment and everyone who was looking for 
me, the where-the-heck-is-jimmy operation is going to be shut down in a 
few days ... on the other hand, the hexnook.com place, it's a valuable 
little hide-out so i'll be sending out invites to all EPS members in 
awhile ... 

2012 December 12. EPS Members had a chance to turn in the Mail Carrier Post-Pre-Application Application Application from the Lost Horizon Night Market Mail Carrier Application Mobile Situation Vehicle Placement event afterward via mail.

One enterprising member created an appropriate envelope for it.

2012 December 15. Search for Jimmy ends.

2012 December 31. The SFAQ article on the Elsewhere Philatelic Society is our favorite so far.