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You should have received a slip of paper in your
membership package that detailed how to join the EPS mailing lists.
If you have not successfully subscribed yet, please use the
information below as it is the most current.

To receive irregular EPS bulletins with information about upcoming events,
subscribe to the EPS Bulletin List by sending an email to:


with the subject line "subscribe" (no quotes).

The EPS members mailing list is being replaced with a StarTELEWEB-branded
communication platform. To access it, go to starteleslack.herokuapp.com
and use the passphrase "yourthestar!" including the exclamation point
but not the quotes. You will create a password for yourself and after
that you will be signing into starteleslack.slack.com.

Privacy Policy: Beginning on July 20th 2016, all personal names
on incoming mail posted to the nook will not be edited out --
this also applies to URLs.
Addresses, as before -- both street/box or email -- will
be edited out. Right now, the nook is password-protected,
but in the future it may (for unknown future reasons)
become a public site. If you wish to retain privacy
vis-a-vis your name, please use a pseudonym with any
mail you send the EPS going forward. Thank you.