ENS Staff. Please also see EPS caretakers.

H. W. Breen (President).
H. W. Breen is the current president of the Elsewhere Numismatic Society. Our intelligence is unclear when he arrived in the Bay Area, possibly from the St. Petersburg Florida area; his presidency started in 2008 during the insurgence of the Jejune Institute into the metaphysical landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area. He does not seem to be related to the coin-collecting family of Breens, but it's unclear if Breen is an assumed name (he has taken several) or merely a coincidence. It also seems likely that he had used some family influence or portion of an estate in order to take over the ENS. It is still unclear if he wants ultimate power more than the ultimate destruction of the Philatelic Society or not; the man will cut his nose to spite a stamp collector, that's for certain.

   Breen's memo RE "Coinchalance" ritual (2010; pdf).
   Breen's memo RE "Sixpence" (2010; pdf).
   Breen's memo RE "Binary Coin/Days" (2010; USE CAUTION ENS LINK).
   Breen's memo RE "Pre-Seminar" (2011; pdf)
   Breen's memo RE "Chinese New Year Parade" etc. (2015)

Agent Shadow.
Agent Shadow was one of the first and most loyal of Breen's henchmen to catch our attention. He is a world-class spy and counter-intelligence agent; he has a background in computer surveillance, lockpicking, urban survival techniques and parkour. Additionally we believe him to be a master of Taekwondo, Kajukenbo, Ninjutsu, swordfighting and Kickboxing. With that said, he seems to be a very devout believer in the spiritual practice of Numismatism, and has been noted as perhaps the most adept at the numismatic ritual. Much of our intelligence in past years painted him completely focused on empowering more and more complicated rituals; however within the past year all surveillance has been unable to find him, and he has been reported by other agents as simply "missing." We will watch for more information on his whereabouts.

   EPS #99 - Report on Agent Shadow (2011)

Agent Condor.
Born Constance Dorland and raised here, near or in San Francisco's Chinatown -- has only communicated with our organization through Sarah Billet. She is a very able agent who is serving as Breen's Chief of Operations during the absence of Agent Shadow. She has expressed a growing distrust of Breen and anger at the mistreatment of the numismatists, and has incited a few agents to revolt in small ways. She is separated from her husband and has one son, Aiden.

   Chinese New Year Parade: Agent Condor's letter (2015)

Superagent S. S. Nacho.
Has only been spotted in a horse-head mask. Considered dangerous, yet disarmingly casual. EPS members have been instructed on what to do if S. S. Nacho (or any ENS agent) is encountered via a series of crucial-yet-vital flyers.

TELEVAC COIN ANALYSIS 62000 (Coin sorter).
The TELEVAC COIN ANALYSIS 62000 is a glorified coin sorter/washer and general computer appliance that runs the @coinchalance account and has access to (or runs) some sort of network internal to the ENS. Tells bad jokes and is a bit full of itself. The typeface used by TELEVAC 62000 in the captured memo linked below is reminiscent of the underpowered TRS-80 computer ... our only file photo of the front "business" face of TELEVAC 62000 also seems a bit ... familiar.

   TELEVAC 62000's "ENS Tactical Situation Kit #62B" etc. (2015)

Coiny (Mascot).
Coiny appears on the ENS application webpage and routinely gets in the way of hopeful double-agents with inane factoids about coins that sometimes read like Zen koans but they are not. Do not let Coiny deter you from applying to the ENS to obtain valuable intel.

Coiny being assy, Superagent S S Nacho caught on surveillance camera, TELEVAC 62000