2015 March 07. ENS Chinese New Year Parade Event.

From what's been gathered via spotty intel, The Elsewhere Numismatic Society decided to game the long-standing Chinese New Year's Treasure Hunt and here's the proof right here right now. Special thanks to the double-agent operative spy sneakypersons who nicked all this delicious intel.

Which ... what? Breen is such a deluded potato. Don't you just get a cake and some booze for winning? Anyone can walk down to the corner store and get that.

The exhibit below that ENS members were tasked to retrieve almost immediately after meeting their liason is a bit strange. Our double-agent indicated that the packet contained everything you see here - fake coins, the note from the ENS computer, and mysteriously, some slightly crumpled circular gold foil discs. Hrm.

But there were indicators that not all is well in ENS-land. A series of flyers (FLYERS) appeared all over Chinatown listing many issues with current ENS president Breen Potato.

Surveillance photos provided by J.

Surveillance photo provided by D.

Parade logistics started eating into possible routes. Barricades went up, crowds formed. Firecrackers cracked. So much cracking.

Operatives had to stop in at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory where fortune cookies are made by fascinating machines. The ENS had a "coin bag" for sale ... in that bag, some fortune cookies with a fortune that gave a location and a radio frequency. "Listen for critical information."

At the designated location, another operative and one of those coinchalance diagrams.

The ENS operative apparently had a radio which was broadcasting information about The Golden Star Chinese Hour (link opens mp3).

After that, the final drop on Pagoda Place. Shifty looking cat, you double-agents are a brave lot.

Surveillance photo provided by H.

Cat-man was doling out some sort of currency along with an eye-opening letter.