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Star Teleweb was founded in 1892 as Star Fireworks & Grocery Concern Amalgamated by Penelope Starr,
a San Francisco saloon keeper and entrepreneur. Popular products of the time included Star Brand
Medicated Cinnamon Cigarettes, Star Bomjak Marbles, Star Whistling Prismatic Whirlwinds, and soap.
Penelope was a silent partner in a second Star Market founded in Berkeley in the 1920s, and the
Starr Piano Company. As the company was passed down from generation to generation, the name gradually
changed to suit the times: Star Telegraph, Star Telegraphone, The Great American Star Telephone & Fax Company,
Star Televend, and now, Star Teleweb. The current owner, Claudia Starr, the great-granddaughter of Penelope Starr,
welcomes you to the vast array of products and services Star Teleweb provides. Welcome!