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March 7th 2011: The 99th issue of the EPS zine is now available!

It is a document of the times, numbering thirty-two pages with a bonus instructional insert and a commemorative silk-screened stamp saluting the very zine which lovingly envelopes it. Features a dynamic silk-screened two-color cover by Mike Wertz with full bleed which is shown in the photo to this text's immediate right from your vantage point unless you are on the other side of your computer screen and that happens sometimes unless you have your computer against your wall always, like a home computer that you don't move ever. It (the zine) is 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches which is a fun, snuggly size that reminds you of something comforting from your youth. Send four well-concealed one-dollar bills (or two two-dollar bills or one two-dollar bill and two one-dollar bills) to EPS / P.O. Box 411553 / San Francisco CA 94141. No checks, no credit cards, no money orders, NO COINS. You can also find it at the following stores:

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