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2013 January 26th. Hello this is Kaidan Tansu Jr. of the Elsewhere Philatelic Society. There is an upcoming event scheduled for February 23rd 2013. You can RSVP if you are a member; if you are not, it is free to become one. More information here.

2012 October 23. Hello this is Kaidan Tansu Jr. of the Elsewhere Philatelic Society. The EPS has an upcoming event scheduled but information for this will only be available via mailing list. You can subscribe by sending the text "[subscribe]" to the address "mail" at this website address.

On Saturday, April 28th 2012, the Elsewhere Philatelic Society will participate in Obscura Day with Strange Artifacts and Hidden Wonders on the Hill. Although the event is marked as being "SOLD OUT," the EPS will be greeting intrepid sorts at later time slots -- either 1pm or 2pm.

Our colleagues in Chicago, the Letter Writers Alliance, will be holding a social on the same day, from 2pm-5pm (Central Time). More information is available here. If you are not able to physically attend the Obscura Day Letter Writers Alliance social in Chicago, IL, the hosts have graciously agreed to issue courtesy visas for this event. Pad your passport without having to travel far! Send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (45) to Stamp Window, c/o The LWA, PO Box 221168, Chicago IL 60622.

JULYXXXXX2011-29 starTELEWEB EXTENDED Message Tranmission Service (SEMTS)


Elsewhere Apothecary has been serving the Elsewhere community for over 70 Years. We are an independent, family-owned herbal and philatelic supply, gift and candy store. The Leadbeater family runs the apothecary after relocating to Elsewhere in 1933. We are much more than an herbarium. In addition to those services, we also offer forgotten items, objects dropped through cracks, curiosities, conundrums, candy and much more.

Alexandria Leadbeater is the 5th Generation Alchemist. Our experienced apothecary staff is committed to your individual needs concerning your wunderkammer and your over-the-counter philatelic prescriptions. There is no need to go to a Chain Store as we do operate a mail-order service through Greater Chicago. We also accept all current, tangible forms of payment, including hobo coins and All-Seeing-Eye tokens. All catalog prices are listed with All-Seeing-Eye token values. A conversion chart has been provided for your convenience. To request our catalog, please send a S.A.S.E. to:

The Elsewhere Apothecary, 2317 W. Haddon Ave. Apt. 3F, Chicago, IL, 60622, U.S.A.




For immediate release

It is with no small measure of regret, and deep gratitude to our contributing members, that the Elsewhere Philatelic Society announces the suspension of the Elsewhere Talismanic Object Appreciation Society.

Our respected colleague and esteemed ETOAS cataloger, Chas Long, has recently accepted a position in Egypt, and as such ETOAS collection will cease as of August 10, 2011. [2012 update: the ETOAS is now non-ceasing.] Chas will direct his considerable talents toward breathing new life into the formerly denuded Sub-Elsewherean Vault at the Library of Alexandria.

The EPS requests that any talismans recovered after the date of August 10 be held until such time as we may reopen the cabinet to new submissions.

Our profound thanks go to those members of the EPS who acquired and returned ETOAS artifacts to the collection. Plans to exhibit these treasured objects to the general public are in the offing. If you are one such valued member, kindly ensure that ETOAS officials are in possession of your current mailing address, either by emailing mail [at sign here] stampsfromelsewhere.com or sending a postal card to ETOAS, PO BOX 411553, SF CA 94141.

Ethel Allen




June 29th. [Jimmy] With our recent code change we're rolling out a page on a popular social media service that you may be participating in. It is "Facebook" and the link is here.

It is June 28th! Young people! Is it not days of lavender! The Darlot #1 Hemispherique Rapide lens assemblage on this Blair Improved Cincinnati Reversible Back Camera has been acting so squirrely! I will try to take a better photo! Here it comes! Jimmy will show it to you now! Here!

Jimmy thank you again! Jimmy!

It is June 27th! Another wonderful day of Code Lavender! Feel the relaxoration! It reminds me of a time! Back in the days of youth and yore, we'd travel in loose networks across the country! The rails sang with our journeys, or we sang of our journeys on the rails, something like that! At stops in towns and whatnot we'd look out for images sketched in out-of-the-way places, put there by others like us! And we would return the flavor! A must, it was! That's how the network survived! Small tokens holding everything together, a living mesh! Mesh! We'd put our stamps on the cities! Sometimes I'd use hydraulic-pressed Crayographs, sometimes Alpha Dustless Crayons! Jimmy was kind enough to draw some of them from way back because I am lazy! Show them the drawing Jimmy!

Thank you Jimmy!

June 26th 2011! Young People! I am pleased to announce that due to decreased ENS activity, we are going to Code Lavender! Code Lavender! A relaxation of concern! Care-free apogee! Jimmy please show them the lavender!

Thank you! Jimmy! Also! There is a stamp window! July 8th! 3-5pm! That is the afternoon! You should show up at the meeting place! It's It's Tops Coffee Shop! San Francisco! 1801 Market Street! Outside on the sidewalk! 3:00pm! You don't have to RSVP but it would be nice to have a headcount! You can show up last-minute if you'd like! All frazzled perhaps! I know how things are!

May 9th 2011! Hello! Young! There is a stamp window! We are between the two weekends of the stamp window! I am guessing you cannot go to last weekend's stamp window! But you can go to one of the two this weekend! Saturday and Sunday! Noon to 4:23p.m.! You will have to RSVP for the stamp window! Jimmy please tell them!

Please send an email to "mail" at this website's address to indicate you will be attending the stamp window on May 14th or May 15th 2011. Also, please bring your passport.

Thank you Jimmy that was Jimmy who told you!

April 13th! Young people! There is so much to do, so much to do!

  • The EPS is accepting submissions for issue #100 of our publication! It is a celebration! But there is only so much room available!
  • The Elsewhere Talismanic Object Appreciation Society is growing by leaps and larger leaps! The collection is available for viewing at the shop! Thank you everyone for finding these objects! I can't keep up with them! Because I am lazy!
  • There is a stamp window! Easter! I wrote a note about it!

March 7th 2011: The 99th issue of the EPS zine is now available!

It is a document of the times, numbering thirty-two pages with a bonus instructional insert and a commemorative silk-screened stamp saluting the very zine which lovingly envelopes it. Features a dynamic silk-screened two-color cover by Mike Wertz with full bleed which is shown in the photo to this text's immediate right from your vantage point unless you are on the other side of your computer screen and that happens sometimes unless you have your computer against your wall always, like a home computer that you don't move ever. It (the zine) is 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches which is a fun, snuggly size that reminds you of something comforting from your youth. Send four well-concealed one-dollar bills (or two two-dollar bills or one two-dollar bill and two one-dollar bills) to EPS / P.O. Box 411553 / San Francisco CA 94141. No checks, no credit cards, no money orders, NO COINS. Store availability will appear on home page and Twitter in the next few days or so to come.

Old news!

Helloyoungpeople! First, thank you to everyone who attended our most recent meeting! As some of you already know, we are in the midst of a situation with the Elsewhere Numismatic Society! Code FUCHSIA! Show it Jimmy the fuchsia stamp!

FUCHSIA! Due to this reason, we have discontinued our application meetings for the time being! But young people! The youth! We have set it up so you can still apply to become a member of the Elsewhere Philatelic Society, any day of the week!

Then, there is waiting! I hope you are approved! If you are, then you should register your chop/stamp/inkan/badge! Jimmy talked about that awhile ago! Do you remember!

We also have stamp windows that you can visit!

A message to all Elsewhere Philatelic Society members: We are operating under “Code Fuchsia.” The Elsewhere Numismatic Society has resumed meetings at the Old Mint. Harassment of EPS cabinet members mandates discontinuation of group meetings at Rincon location. Any surplus candy must be returned to the vault for safe-keeping. Future meetings site to be determined by acting president.

Hello! Young people! We have detected ... a situation! Due to a troubling recent change at the Elsewhere Numismatic shop, we are in a state of flux! Flux I say! We must be wary! And cautious! Also wary again! Please bear with us during this critical time of extreme caution!!

Current young members! Of youth! Greetings! You should register your chop/inkan/logo/badge/stamp! If you register early enough you may qualify for Universal Platinum Processing! It depends on a number of factors! Tell them Jimmy!

Q: What is Universal Platinum Processing?
A: It is better.

Q: What should my stamp look like?
A: Black on white line art. White paper. Bold, thick, clean lines. Your art/image should not be larger than a square two inches on a side. Please submit a photocopy of your artwork; do not send originals.

Q: What is the deadline?
A: No one is really sure. We could pretend it is the 17th of July 2010. Could be later. Could be earlier.

Q: So if I turn my stamp in July 16th, would that be good?
A: Hrm.

Q: What if I cranked on my stamp and sent it out right away?
A: Now that's the polish.

Q: Quick! Where do I send it!!!!
A: You can mail a physical copy to the mail box listed to the left, or send an electronic version (PNG/GIF/JPG/EPS/SVG/TLA) to chopchop at this website. Please include your name and address with anything you submit. Thank you.

Thank you Jimmy! That was Jimmy!

People of youth! Thank you so much for coming out on Monday to our second membership gathering! It was a grand time from what I hear! I wish I could have been there! Razzle-frazzle!

Watch this space for information on our next meeting!

Please note our new flyer to the left! It is over there! I just had a thought think! Perhaps there are people from faraway lands who would like to interact with the Elsewhere Philatelic Society! This is a way! Oh, butter!