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Burning Man 2010.

Here we are in the dusty place. Welcome! Mailman Miek is wearing pink pants that don't "go" very well with his mailman coat. Shh, don't tell him!

Mailman Miek has a message for you!

One of several lovely young people @ the BRCPO who processed the mail that Mailman Miek sent you because you sent Mailman Miek a "SASE." A special "thank you" to the BRCPO and Red Rubber Tattoo for hosting the stamp windows!

The stamp lucky EPS members received.

The stamp windows were great! EPS members showed up! Passports were stamped! Beets were consumed! Pickled! Were they pickled? I think pickled!

Timothy Q. Pepperscratcher, President Emeritus of the Elsewhere Philatelic Society, was going to give a big speech but fell asleep right on the playa.

Z! Z! Z! Z!

Z! Z! Z!