StarTELEWEB Acquisition E271: Skycoin Initiation Walkabout

As of JULY 1 2019 StarTELEWEB is proud to offer you the Erstwhile Numismatic Society SkyCoin Walkabout, an industry-leading experiential participatory relational aesthetic.

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You are now about to begin your journey into discovering the many facets of Skycoin. Preparation is key.

If you can, hie yourself over to FREE GOLD WATCH, an entertainment emporium located at 1767 Waller Street in San Francisco, California, right on the edge of Golden Gate Park. There are many machines here. Select ones you are sympatico with, interact with them. Get into a dream-like mind state to prepare for your upcoming physical journey through a sub-section of the city of San Francisco.

At this time, please select one or more of the following options.

I went to FREE GOLD WATCH and did the thing you said and now I'm here at FREE GOLD WATCH ready to go on my Sky Coin walkabout journeyquest
I am unable to go to FREE GOLD WATCH or anywhere in the San Francisco area and so would like to go on a completely electronical and network-based Sky Coin voyage of discovery exclusively in my personal enclosed mind space only because, for example, I live in Montana and/or Finland