StarTELEWEB Acquisition E271.
Skycoin Initiation Walkabout.
Skycoin MindComplete Journeywalk.

A near-perfect mindscaping simulation of the original ENS Sky Coin Walkabout, told entirely through a relentless but warmly welcomed barrage collage of photos and text.

NOTE: You will be required to place multiple phone calls during this situation.
WARNING: If you are herenow or can be futuretime physically present in the San Francisco Bay Area your Skycoin Journey selection should be:

Skycoin Initiation Walkabout: Skycoin BeingAssist Journey.
Please select this option now with your tiny cursor.

You have received word that there is a pamphlet you need to obtain from a business establishment in the San Francisco Bay Area. Recognizing an opportunity for adventure, you hie yourself over to FREE GOLD WATCH, an establishment containing a collection of electronic entertainment machines.

Once there, one would obtain a score on certain selected machines and report to the docent said score.

This score, in combination with United States currency, would allow you to obtain in trade the Sky Coin pamphlet booklet. You are curious about the booklet and hoist it on high within the FREE GOLD WATCH businessplace to examine it more closely. A change machine beckons in the distance, but we should not be tempted by side quests.

"A Treatise On Sky Coin." Yes. What does this enticing booklet have to say to us? Let's step outside and find out.

We are now deep within the teachings of Sky Coin, The Pamphlet. The learnings almost outpace our capacity to retain knowledge. We can only take in so much at a time. But we thirst for more. More.

The teachings. The Skycoin system. It's so much. Yet so perfectly Skycoin.

ARE YOU READY: SKYCOIN? I think you are.

The Skycoin Journey. The Skycoin Sojourn. These are now tools you can use.

The Skycoin gatherings are no longer available unless they spontaneously re-appear. Skycoin has this effect on people, sometimes, perhaps. Additionally: strange numbered diagrams.

Finally, the back page filled with advertisements. They seem to be ... important. There is perhaps learning here, as well. And action. Your curiosity drives you. Where will it take you?

To telephony for a start, one would imagine. Telephony is easy. It is almost entirely done with the mind, which you have. You have decided to learn about the "Xenoterric Secrets of Coinchalance" as mentioned on the back of the pamphlet. After you dial the number and listen to the message, click off on the clickable click below.

I phoned the Xenoterric Secrets of Coinchalance number and listened to the message.
I phoned the HIDDEN GEM SAN FRANCISCO REAL ESTATE number and listened to the message.

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