Sidehatches. Non-EPS situations worthy of note.

2014 May. Quite a while back EPS member Joel J. called our attention to the gnomes of Oakland ... and we finally dug up the letter again to put it here ...

Hey Kaidan, attached is a google maps version of the Gnome Territories. [...] I do plan on checking some of the boundaries this weekend, to see if they have been expanded upon [...] It is entirely possible that a settlement exists that I have yet to discover, but I don't think that that is the case. I have placed some pins on the map to designate areas where certain special gnomes have been placed. Some pins are in essentially the exact locations of labeled gnomes, and some are more arbitrary and could be moved around. The exact pins are: blue bottle gnomes, nurses scrubs gnomes, tattoo gnome, googly eyed gnomes (probably not installed by original artist), backside gnome, and my first gnome encounter. Gnomes with mushrooms are all over the place. Gnomes with kilts, I read on a blog that someone theorized they are Highland gnomes as they inhabit the low hills that rise up around Lake Merritt, this pretty much seemed to be true. I will send you a series of e-mails with photos, feel free to use any you choose. If you have any questions, or need some clarification, don't hesitate. I will try to assist as needed.

See also this article on the gnomes.

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