Designing Your Chop: Some Considerations.

A reminder that all EPS members should design and register their own special chop/inkan/logo/badge/stamp if they have not done so. Register in time for Universal Platinum Processing which happens every now and then like clockwork. Here is an updated “FAQ”:

Q: What is Universal Platinum Processing?
A: It is better.

Q: What should my chop look like?
A: Black line art. Clean white paper. Bold, thick, clean black lines. “Reverse” chops (say, a black square with thin white lines/lettering inside) are not recommended given the fickle nature of Universal Platinum Processing. Please submit a photocopy of your artwork; do not send originals. The photocopy should not be larger than a square two inches on a side. Also please no:

• pencil work
• cardboard background
• folded sheet(s)
• other colors than black

Please put your name and email address on the sheet that you turn in. The address is here.