2010 August 30th - September 5th. Burning Man 2010: Luftschiff Hindenburk at the Errordrome.

Luftschiff Hindenburk was a 40-foot long, heavier-than-air dirigible that was a Burning Man 2010 Honorarium Art Installation. The Hindenburk Errordrome was the mooring station, service depot, and passenger terminal for the Hindenburk and also distributed commemorative Luftschiff Hindenburk stamps to various/random/interested/unsuspecting people. This included Elsewhere Philatelic Society members, both in person and by courtesy visa via both the Black Rock City Post Office and Black Rock City Post Office 2.

The Errordrome's Ticket Officer, Hans "Clever G" G.M.B.H. Jr. excoriated passers-by to apply for a (non-guaranteed) seat on the next flight of Luftschiff Hindenburk. Applicants were stymied by a furious array of beaucractic tools at Hans' disposal while he took occasional high-stress calls from his long-suffering wife Inga back home in Stuttgart.

Many people made errors on the form; no one seemed to surmise the proper response to the ink-blot question. The correct answer was "strudel." Strudel. It's almost as if the form was created specifically to generate confusion and unintentional errors. German visitors to the Errordrome were for some reason greatly amused by the passenger query form. It is not clear why; Hans' German is flawlessen.

EPS members who could not visit the Errordrome were able to send letters to obtain a courtesy visa.