StarTELEWEB Acquisition E271.
Skycoin Initiation Walkabout.
Skycoin BeingAssist Journeywalk.
Tattoo Shop.

You have decided to walk to the tattoo shop. It is a pleasant day. When you go inside, there is a display on the counter that intrigues you.

After taking a few moments to select the tattoo that best fits your particular lifestyle, you exit into the sun and city. Why, what a wonderful time to apply the tattoo to your bodypart. The cooling ceremonial water is ladled over the tattoo backing. This is alchemy, not for us to understand.

The tattoo backing is carefully peeled off. This is how professional tattoos are tattooed by tattooers. We have smashed through their secret wall.

Finally, the image of Sky Coin adorns your bodypart in full effect. It is sublime, and/or shimmering. The day seems lighter somehow. Filled with promise, and possibly dessert later. But like a good dessert, not like Danish cookies, say.

Huzzah! It is a real thing, this Sky Coin tattoo on my bodypart. It happened. That's the power of Sky Coin in action.

But wait what's this? The back of the tattoo package has important information to offer up. We accept this knowledge in a state of reverence. Sky Coin gives us what we need when we need it even if we don't know what it is we need.

There's still so much to do. I should do the things.

I am returning to my situation.

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