Writing Indeterminate Things: A Hazy Outline.

The Elsewhere Philatelic Society has, on occasion, issued a periodical publication in order to publicize Philatelicism and other of our various concerns. In the past, issues have been produced somewhat sporadically; our recent eviction from the cozy confines of the Underground Library makes production that much more difficult.

The Elsewhere Philatelic Society has been fortunate enough to experience the wisdom of the phrase “many hands make light work”; and, following same, we are calling on members to submit articles and/or artwork involving but not limited to (in no particular order) abstract origami, lenticular printing and holography, menacing nightmares, hazy recollections, mysteriously moldy bread, interactive fiction, transdimensional travel, optical delusions, artifice, imaginary friends, obsolete technologies, the Flatland Liberation Movement, abstruse memories, detourned imagery, endangered forms of communication, grottoes, interactive nonfiction, frauds, meaningful graffiti, abandoned gas stations, warp zones, waterlogged paperback books, fictional creatures, street art, prescription fiction, acts of sabotage, lost shoelaces, Proterozoic transitions, traffic signs, literacy awareness, and so on, and so forth.


PS: The previous EPS publication is available here.