2015 May 31st. Aeolian Day.

Aeolian Day at Jack London Square. Seemed like a standard stamp window, one we've done many times before. Casual. Wander around listening to/interacting with the wind sculptures ...

Get some nice Aeolian Day stamps ...

A nice, unassuming day out. But that's exactly when the postal inspector showed up. Not expected. At all. Not something we'd ever even given a moment's consideration. She was all business, immediately asking Mailman Miek about permits and this and that. "Phil has them ... I think he stepped out for a moment."

She then produced a stamp window application. We'd never heard of such a thing. Then she had Mailman Miek take off his shoes to check that they were level, and started rifling through his bag. That's what inspectors do. They inspect.

She had a problem with at least one of the answers on the form.

Point ... of CONTENTION (photo by A)

For the cartwheel requirement, luckily another EPS member stepped in and executed one flawlessly. This seemed to be acceptable to the inspector. After the vigorous experience, the inspector gave Mailman Miek a Corrections Notice. We are not sure how bigger shoes help expedite stamp windows, but we'll give it a shot. Additionally we bailed on clipboards when Phil was upgraded from 3.0 (which had a clipboard peg) to 4.0 (which now has a drunken fighty octopus coat hook). Perhaps we can find room on Phil 5.0 to bring back the understated majesty of the clipboard peg.

Apparently there is to be a "followup inspection." We remain: concerned.